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Dill Hollandaise Eggs Benedict


Dill Hollandaise Eggs Benedict

  • Author: MearaMay


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Precious tools: Aerolatte Milk frother & Double broiler

Eggs – Farm Fresh is best

Butter – Real, salted, and alot

Fresh lemons

Lemon juice

Cream or Milk

Fresh dill *If you can get the dill heads or the portion with the flower this is stronger!


Crabcakes OR traditional style with Canadian Bacon and english muffins


Heat water in double broiler – NOT on high 

Melt butter

Crack eggs and whisk in with the butter. 

Raise the heat and add the milk or cream, then lower it again. 

Add the dill. Can’t get enough dill! 

Keep on low until ready to serve. 

Toast or fry the crabcakes or english muffins, warm the canadian bacon but not much. 

Fry one egg over medium to place on crabcake and drizzle sauce on! SO good. 

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