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First Step: Look to the right. Enter an ingredient you are thinking of or pick a category.

Second Step: Read the parts no one actually cares about (I know you are hungry) – as in the part below and in the Notes section of each recipe card. 



Family Recipe Sharing: 

After many requests, year after year, I finally decided to share recipes and kitchen ideas (family crypt keeper of recipes). These are some of my own made-up off the cuff, some inherited, and some shared by friends and family. Many of these recipe requests I find myself sending over and over to the same people each year. Bear with me, as this will be a slow process to get photographs up to make this more visually appealing. Then again, those who know my cooking know it usually tastes better than it looks!

Simply search in the Categories bar to the right for a recipe name, ingredient, mealtime idea, etc. When possible, I hope to add a photo of the original recipe (stains included), a photo of the recipe itself, and a fresh printable recipe card that is typed out with my personal notes/tips included.

Feel free to send me feedback on the site, and feedback on the recipes tried (and all my typos). I would be more than happy to try and share your favorite recipes here as well. 

PS – Yes, I sell Meara Spice and Honey. 

Thanks & Enjoy!

~ Meara