Food and trinkets from the Perrin House

Category: Foodie Stops we Like

These are the favorite stops for the Perrin Family for foodie favs.

Foodie Stops

For dining: 

Chinese: China Village, Shanghai Club

Japanese: Ari Sushi, Blu Sushi, anywhere Hiro Kyoda is working. 

Mexican: Manuels (order the tortilla skins – not on menu). El Encanto Dos (seafood enchiladas). Carolinas (BEST tortillas on the planet, plus tamales). The Carneceria Party meat we have at our taco parties: Mercado Y Carniceria El Rancho on Bell road. Get the Arrachera meat. If the old man is there, say ‘Si’ to the marinade (each carneceria takes pride in their marinade; trust me we’ve tried many of them to know who’s are the best. Personally, I think the old man has his own citrus grove). 

Asiana Market: My grocer for all those odd international items like: seaweed salad, sushi grade tuna, fresh veggies, sake, hungarian paprika, miso, rice, duck, etc.

French’s Meat Shoppe: BEST butcher in town. Get the Fiesta steaks and seasoning. They are sirloins and they cannot be cooked wrong. Best place to order prime rib roast.  

Schreiners: Cheddar brats. Damn delish.

Phoenix Knife House: Where I get my good knives sharpened. IMG_5974