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Just some quick tips I use for Asparagus! 




A few quick ways to make asparagus the Mearamay way.


  • Asparagus. Thin ones are my fav.
  • Italian salad dressing.
  • Meat loaf dish.


  1. Cut bottom ends of asparagus to fit into meat loaf dish.
  2. If you are really short on time or are trying to match grilling time with a steak, make a thin vertical slice into each.
  3. Place into dish and drizzle with italian dressing. Top with water.
  4. Microwave 3 minutes.

Now from here

  1. Grill til crispy
  2. or: wrap with prosciutto or salame, then a few thin slices of phyllo dough, and bake until golden brown. Eat immediately!


  • The phyllo wrapped version is a wonderful addition to a brunch! Its also a huge hit for a party platter.