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Dad’s Fish Fry


Dad’s Fish Fry

  • Author: MearaMay


My dad’s version. We have always had family send Lake Eerie perch to us and we fry them up and people LOVE them. Not a typical fish fry or fish taco but still amazing and light. 



Carolina’s tortillas (an AZ thing), quartered. *or the thinnest, lard-like mexican flour tortillas you can find (La-la’s are good). NOT Mission. Ever.

Two bunches of cilantro – lots of it.

Kraft or Marzettis Slaw Dressing.

Salsa Mix: 1/2 Fresh Pico de Gallo, 1/2 Salsa (we like the Herdez cans).

Perch! Or any delicate fish. We have done it with trout, cod, walleye, etc. Little pieces.

Optional: Good grated cheddar – thicker cut, best brand or hand shaved – like Sargettos or Tillamook

Batter stuff:

12 Eggs

1 warm light beer

Light flour – something like pasta flour Tipo 00 or regular flour will do.

Lawry’s or Meara Spice

Oil – Canola, Vegetable



Quarter the tortillas and cover so they don’t dry out and set aside. 

Chop Cilantro in a bowl. 

Shred cheese in a bowl. 

Put a spoon in the Marzettis. 


One bowl with warm cheap beer (he used to drink Coors light) 

One bowl with two beaten eggs 

One bowl with flour, spices 

Fill Fryer with oil. 


Pat the fish dry and dip quickly into beer, eggs, flour. This is a lightly floured fish. You can set on a big platter to prep for frying if you like since the fish are small – since it is a warm batter it doesn’t need to be rushed as much as a tempura for example. 

Fry 1-2 min. 


Place warm fish in tortilla, drizzle with dressing, top with cilantro and cheese. Small bites people will come back for!